Saving Face introduces the Good Vibe Tribe

Good Vibe Tribe came to fruition as a result of counting our blessings.  At Saving Face the whole team realizes how incredibly blessed we are and we started to brainstorm ways that we could give back.  The idea was born that we could utilize our skills and connections to gift a liquid face lift to someone who could benefit from these services, someone that would normally not prioritize themselves in this way.  We intend for this program to grow, evolve and help more and more people look good, feel good and do good.
Below is Jess’s testimony and how the GVT experience has impacted her life.
 “The first half of this year I was happier than I can ever remember being. I had only a year left to finish my undergraduate degree, I had a job that I legitimately enjoyed for the first time in years, and I was just truly fulfilled. Then on May 22, my father suddenly and traumatically passed away. The rest of my life didn’t change at all, but his death made all of it barely important. A couple of months later, I learned that my mother is contending with some serious health issues. I have managed to continue working and school, and have tried to maintain a level of self-care, but it has been overwhelming to say the least. I met Victoria on a flight home to scatter my father’s ashes, and we immediately connected and talked for the entire flight. She suggested I contact her when I returned home. I had barely looked in a mirror for months, and when I was home I compared myself to pictures from just a few months previous, and I looked years older, and just so sad and tired. I thought it might be worth a shot (no pun intended) to see what Victoria might be able to do, and I was blown away, initially by her (and the other wonderful women of Saving Face!) generosity, but by what she was able to do. I look like I am supposed to look; I look like myself, just from ten years ago. The best thing was what when my mother saw me, she simply said “You look like yourself again.” I had no idea how much how I looked was impacting how I felt about myself and my interactions. It’s been so much easier to go do things when I can look in the mirror, throw some lipstick on and feel attractive, as opposed to just feeling sad and discouraged. I am so grateful for this gift, and the help it’s given me in taking steps back to feeling like myself again!”
(Liquid Face Lift) Neuromodulator: Dysport was used in the forehead, between the brows, brow lift, gummy smile, masseters, and chin;
Dermal Fillers: Radiesse x 2 in high cheeks and mid face, Restylane in tear troughs, Restylane Lyft in naso-labial folds, Juvederm Ultra Plus in lips, belt, pre jowl sulcus and Restylane Refyne in Oral Commissures
I am so grateful to work for a practice that prioritizes giving back and paying it forward. It felt so deeply fulfilling to use my skills to help someone feel “like herself again” after dealing with significant loss and heartache. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and I am honored that my life’s work can be of service.
Huge thanks to our Good Vibe Tribe recipient for trusting us with her beautiful face, as well as Kimberley Brooke Boudoir Photography, Tisa Watson at Little Sister Salon, Rimix Cosmetics, Allergan, Galderma, Merz Aesthetics and Saving Face for supporting this endeavor with product and time.

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