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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an integrative approach that supports individuals holistically by identifying and addressing the root causes of disease. Unlike conventional medicine, which often targets symptoms, functional medicine strives to optimize your overall well-being by considering diet, genetics, hormonal changes, and emotional health. Our functional lab analysis employs optimal health and wellness ranges, enabling us to identify potential issues at the cellular level before they escalate.

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Areas of Optimization

We get to the bottom of these issues, and more :

We address all these issues at the root cause.

  • Health Optimization
  • Autoimmune
  • Gut Health
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Metabolism
  • Brain & Mood
  • Adrenals & Stress
  • Hormone Balance
  • PCOS
  • Thyroid
  • Skin Health
  • Allergies

Our functional health program is a transformative journey towards optimal health and wellness, uniquely tailored to each individual's needs. By focusing on the root causes of health issues rather than just addressing symptoms, functional health offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to well-being. Here's a closer look at how functional health, comprehensive lab analysis, and genetic testing benefit patients at Saving Face in Austin, Texas.

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Functional Health & Wellness: Unlocking Personalized Wellness

Functional health goes beyond traditional health advice. It's a partnership between client and practioner that empowers individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes. This approach integrates various aspects of health, including:

  • Eating Patterns and Nutrition: Tailoring nutritional plans to address deficiencies, intolerances, and support overall health.
  • Exercise and Physical Activity: Developing personalized exercise programs that fit the individual's lifestyle and enhance physical wellness.
  • Stress Management: Techniques to manage stress and its impact on the body, including mindfulness, meditation, and other relaxation strategies.
  • Sleep Hygiene: Improving sleep patterns and addressing issues like insomnia for better rest and recovery.
  • Detoxification: Implementing strategies to reduce negative environmental exposures and supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes

Comprehensive Lab Analysis: A Deeper Insight into Your Health

The cornerstone of functional medicine is the use of comprehensive lab analysis. This in-depth examination goes beyond standard tests to provide a detailed view of your health, including:

  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Identifying specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can affect everything from energy levels to immune function.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Assessing levels of key hormones related to stress, metabolism, and reproductive health to identify imbalances that could be contributing to health issues.
  • Inflammatory Markers: Detecting signs of chronic inflammation, which is linked to a host of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune conditions.
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Body Composition Scan: Discover What Lies Beneath

The InBody 970 represents a groundbreaking advance in body composition analysis technology, offering a comprehensive, quick, and non-invasive scan that delivers detailed insights into your physical health. This state-of-the-art device is designed to measure an extensive range of body composition metrics, providing individuals and health professionals alike with valuable data to guide fitness, nutritional, and health decisions.

  • Body Fat Percentage: Essential for understanding the amount of fat relative to lean body mass, helping in assessing health risks associated with too high or too low levels.
  • Muscle Mass: Offers detailed information about the mass of muscle in each part of the body, crucial for fitness planning and identifying imbalances or areas of improvement.
  • Total Body Water: This measure helps in assessing hydration status, which is vital for overall health and performance.
  • Bone Mineral Content: Provides insights into bone density, important for assessing the risk of osteoporosis and overall bone health.
  • Visceral Fat Level: Measures the fat surrounding internal organs, critical for evaluating risk factors for conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

We believe the InBody 970 body scan is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to gain deep insights into their physical health and wellbeing. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, navigating your health journey, or a medical professional, the InBody 970 offers the data needed to make informed decisions about health, fitness, and nutrition, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and quality of life.

    Genetic Testing: Personalizing Your Health Strategy

    Genetic testing offers invaluable insights into how your body responds to nutrients, environmental factors, and medications. This personalized approach can help with:

    • Disease Risk Assessment: Identifying genetic predispositions to diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers, allowing for early intervention and preventive measures.
    • Nutrigenomics: Understanding how your genes affect your body's response to nutrients allows us to tailor dietary recommendations to optimize health.
    • Pharmacogenomics: Determining how your body metabolizes medications can help in selecting the most effective treatment with the lowest risk.
    • Personalized Fitness: Designing fitness programs that align with your genetic makeup, maximizing the benefits of exercise.

    By integrating functional health with comprehensive lab analysis and genetic testing, Saving Face offers a truly personalized health and wellness experience. This approach allows us to address the unique factors contributing to your health challenges, ensuring that your journey towards optimal health is as effective and efficient as possible. Whether you're dealing with chronic health issues, looking to optimize your health, or prevent future diseases, our team at Saving Face is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

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    What’s included?

    Functional Health Specialist & Dietitian Visits

    We meet you wherever you’re at. In person or online visits with our certified functional medicine expert and functional dietitian over the course of a year.

    Personalized Wellness Plan

    A clear plan to address your root causes, third-party tested supplement recommendations, nutrition recommendations, tips for stress and sleep, and realistic and achievable goal setting.

    Access to Advanced Diagnostics

    Data you can’t get anywhere else to drive decisions and personalize your plan. 

    Comprehensive Lab Copy

    90 different biomarkers, giving incredible insight into what’s actually happening in your body. Because what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.

    Our Packages


    • Intake Appointment: Spend an hour with one of our Functional Health providers to discuss your goals, medical history, and have your labs drawn.
    • Body Composition Scan: During your initial appointment, we will provide an InBody body composition scan. This advanced tool provides precise measurements of body composition, including muscle mass, body fat, and water levels, offering a detailed insight into your health and fitness progress.
    • Lab Analysis Report & Plan: After two weeks, meet with your Functional Health & Wellness Expert for an in-depth discussion of your lab results and a 90-day personalized health plan.
    • 30-Day Check-In follow-up session with your Functional Health & Wellness Expsert to address any questions and ensure you're on track.
    • 3-Month Follow-Up: Evaluate your progress with one of our providers and plan your next steps.

    Cost = $1,500

    Functional Health & Wellness  – 1 Year Program

    Our year-long program offers comprehensive support through:

    • Intake Appointment: Spend an hour with one of our Functional Health providers to discuss your goals, medical history, and have your labs drawn.
    • Body Composition Scan: During your initial appointment, we will provide an InBody body composition scan. This advanced tool provides precise measurements of body composition, including muscle mass, body fat, and water levels, offering a detailed insight into your health and fitness progress.
    • (3) Lab Analysis Report & Plan: After two weeks, meet with Abby for an in-depth discussion of your lab results and a 90-day personalized health plan.
    • (12) Monthly Coaching Sessions: Engage with our functional health experts, including a licensed dietician to continuously refine your health plan.
    • 3-Month Follow-Up: Evaluate your progress with one of our providers and plan your next steps.

    Cost = $4,200 ($350 / month)

    Functional Health & Wellness Including Epigenetics  – 1 Year Program

    Incorporating epigenetics into the 1-year program at Saving Face offers an advanced, cutting-edge approach to personalized health and wellness. This enhanced package builds on the foundation of comprehensive lab analysis, functional health coaching, and genomics by delving deeper into the epigenetic factors that influence gene expression and overall health. Here's an overview of the newly designed package:

    Duration: 1 year
    Total Cost: $5,500

    Package Includes:

    • Initial Consultation with a Functional Health Expert: A comprehensive intake session to understand your health history, goals, and to plan for the upcoming year.
    • Body Composition Scan: During your initial appointment, we will provide an InBody body composition scan. This advanced tool provides precise measurements of body composition, including muscle mass, body fat, and water levels, offering a detailed insight into your health and fitness progress.
    • 3 Comprehensive Lab Analyses: Detailed assessments at the start, mid-point, and end of the year to monitor health progress and adjust the personalized plan as needed.
    • Epigenetic Testing and Analysis: An in-depth examination of how environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and diet affect gene expression. This test offers insights into aging, metabolic processes, and potential disease risk, allowing for highly personalized health interventions.
    • Monthly Coaching Sessions: Ongoing support and guidance from our team of functional health experts, including a licensed dietician and a Functional Ayurvedic coach, tailored to address your unique health concerns and goals.
    • Dietician Evaluations: Regular sessions with a licensed dietician to tailor your diet based on lab results, epigenetic analysis, and health objectives.
    • Personalized Health Plan: Based on comprehensive lab results, genetic testing, and epigenetic analysis, this plan includes dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, supplement guidance, and more, tailored to your unique health profile.
    • Ongoing Plan Adjustments: As your health evolves, so will your personalized health plan. Regular reviews and adjustments ensure that the plan remains aligned with your current health status and goals.

    This Advanced Functional Health & Epigenetics Membership is designed for those seeking the most personalized and comprehensive approach to health and wellness. By exploring the dynamic interplay between genes, lifestyle, and environment, this package offers unparalleled insights into your health, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to achieve and maintain peak wellness.

    Why Add Epigenetics?

    Epigenetics represents the cutting edge of personalized medicine, offering insights into how external factors can turn genes on or off, affecting health outcomes. Incorporating epigenetics into your health plan allows for interventions that are not only personalized but also proactive, targeting potential health issues before they arise and optimizing wellness at a cellular level.

    By choosing this advanced package, you're not just investing in a year of health coaching; you're investing in a deeper understanding of your body's unique blueprint for health and longevity.

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    90-Day Program

    Alternative Medicine Membership

    Alternative Medicine Membership with Epignetics


    3 months

    12 months

    12 months

    Number of Lab Analyses

    (1) Comprehensive Analysis

    (3) Comprehensive Analyses

    (3) Comprehensive Analyses

    Lab Analysis Report & Plan Sessions

    (1) 1 Hour Session

    (3) 1 Hour Sessions

    (3) 1 Hour Sessions

    Epigenetics Testing

    Not Included

    Not Included


    Initial Intake Appointment




    InBody Body Composition Scan




    Follow-Up Appointment

    (1) 30 Day

    (1) 3 Months



    Monthly Coaching Sessions

    Not Included



    Dietician Evaluation

    Not Included







    Why Choose Saving Face?

    Expert Guidance: Our team of licensed practitioners and functional health experts are dedicated to your well-being.

    Tailored Health Plans: Based on detailed lab analyses, we create personalized programs that address your unique health needs.

    Comprehensive Support: From initial intake to follow-up, we provide ongoing support to ensure your health journey is intake to follow-up, we provide ongoing support to ensure your health journey is successful.

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    Join Us on Your Journey to Optimal Health

    Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you? Sign up for an appointment today and discover how functional health coaching at Saving Face can transform your life. With our commitment to your well-being and a comprehensive approach to health, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

    Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your health goals. Welcome to the future of healthcare—personalized, comprehensive, and designed just for you.

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    Functional Health Coach FAQs

    What happens before my first appointment? 

    One your intake appointment has been booked, you will receive a confirmation email or text letting you know next steps. You will be sent a Functional Health Questionnaire that needs to be completed and returned to Saving Face at least 72 hours before your Intake Appointment. This will give our team of providers enough time to review your information and help get to know you better. Your first appointment will involve a detailed discussion about your health history, lifestyle, and goals. You may also undergo comprehensive lab testing to provide insight into your health status. This information will be used to develop a personalized health plan.

    How will you make your recommendations?

    A Functional Health Coach takes a uniquely fact-based approach to your overall wellness, and analysis is the name of the game when it comes to making recommendations that will truly unlock your fullest health potential. We’ll analyze information like your hormone levels, your bloodwork, your diet, and more, so we can understand exactly why you’re feeling the way you feel and guide you to a sense of total wellness that sees you maximizing your overall quality of life.

    Can a Functional Health Coach help me lose weight?

    The short answer is yes…but a better answer is that your functional health coach can help you lose weight, and more! A functional health coach is here to help you reach all wellness goals that you might have. Whether this means finding a way to sleep better, losing weight ahead of beach season, or figuring out why you seem to feel congested all the time, your functional health coach will work closely with you to get to the root causes of your wellness frustrations and chart a course to comprehensive well-being.

    Is a Functional Health Coach the same as a dietitian or a nutritionist?

    Not exactly. Nutritionists and dieticians come from very specific training backgrounds, and their expertise tends to focus squarely on issues related to dietary intake and nutrition. Your Functional Health Coach, on the other hand, will consider these factors and more, approaching your overall sense of wellness from a much more comprehensive and holistic perspective.

    Do you take insurance? 

    We do not take insurance and require payment on the same day as your service. An invoice is provided once payment is completed that you could submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you desire. Another option is through Cherry, our patient financing vendor. Our staff can help you walk through the steps to see your qualifying amount. 

    How does functional health coaching differ from conventional medicine?

    Unlike conventional medicine, which often focuses on symptom management and acute care, functional health coaching aims to uncover the underlying causes of illness. It uses comprehensive lab analyses, lifestyle assessments, and personalized interventions to promote optimal health and prevent disease.

    What kind of lab tests are involved?

    Lab tests can include comprehensive blood panels, hormonal tests, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, and more. These tests help identify imbalances or issues that could be contributing to your symptoms or health concerns.

    How can genetic testing benefit me?

    Genetic testing offers insights into your predisposition for certain health conditions and how your body may respond to different foods, supplements, and medications. This information allows for even more personalized health recommendations.

    What does a personalized health plan include?

    A personalized health plan may include dietary recommendations, supplement protocols, exercise suggestions, stress management techniques, and other lifestyle adjustments tailored to your specific needs and health goals.

    How long does it take to see results?

    The time to see results can vary depending on your individual health status and how closely you follow your personalized plan. Some patients notice improvements within a few weeks, while others may see more gradual changes over several months.

    Can functional health coaching help with chronic diseases?

    Yes, functional health coaching is designed to support individuals with a variety of health concerns, including chronic diseases. By addressing the root causes of these conditions, patients can often improve their symptoms and overall quality of life.

    How do I get started with functional health coaching?

    Getting started is easy! Simply contact our office to schedule your initial consultation. During this appointment, we'll discuss your health concerns, goals, and how functional health coaching can help you achieve optimal wellness.

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