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Unwanted fat can be extremely difficult to reduce, even with a healthy diet and targeted exercise. To help patients achieve their body sculpting goals, we offer body contouring treatments with the highly advanced, robotic EON System. Of the many non-invasive body contouring devices and treatments that are available, the EON System is one of the most efficient, comfortable, and highly effective.

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What is the EON laser body contouring device?

The EON laser is a new, innovative body contouring device that burns away unwanted fat and requires no incisions or invasive procedures. The EON robotic laser utilizes thermal laser energy combined with cooling technology to maintain a comfortable experience. The laser energy heats the fat tissues in order to melt away fat below the skin’s surface. The EON laser works with an automated, smart-sensor technology that maps your body’s topography to provide a customized fat-burning treatment.

Another innovative feature that the EON System provides is an automated articulating arm that uses customized, programmed patterns to address your abdomen specifically, smoothing and sculpting your figure. This ensures that the fat loss appears even and that the results are contoured and smooth.

How does the EON system work?

The world of aesthetics is no stranger to innovation, and EON is leading the charge as the first robotic, touchless body contouring device to disrupt the industry. Offering a groundbreaking approach to fat reduction, EON utilizes a proven 1064 nm laser that elevates fat temperature to 51°C / 123.8°F.

This controlled heating process induces fat cell death, allowing natural removal through the lymphatic system and delivering full results within 12 weeks. What sets EON apart is its ability to administer the highest laser energy levels in the market to target fat tissue, thanks to its innovative jet-impingement cooling system. This system simultaneously ensures patient comfort by blowing a consistent stream of cold air onto the skin's surface, maintaining a comfortable 39.5°C / 103.1°F.

Benefits of EON

EON laser treatments provide permanent fat-burning benefits for patients who would like to slim down and contour their figure. 

  • Non-invasive fat-destroying treatment.
  • Lose up to 2 inches of fat with just one treatment.
  • Provides cooling technology to ensure the procedure is comfortable.
  • Robotic touchless technology provides efficient, precise results.
  • Results in a contoured, smoother figure.
  • Minimal to no side effects.
  • Fast, painless, treatment time.
  • Requires no downtime or recovery period.
  • Clinically proven to result in a loss of 21.6% abdominal fat after one treatment.

EON's unique advantages further distinguish it from competitors in the field. Its ability to achieve higher adipose tissue temperatures induces apoptosis in more fat cells, enhancing its effectiveness. Additionally, EON's proprietary jet-impingement cooling system maintains skin surface temperatures at least three times cooler than its leading competitors. This innovative cooling technology significantly contributes to the comfort of the treatment, making EON an attractive option for those seeking effective and enjoyable body contouring experiences.

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Is the EON system safe?

EON's advanced robotic technology takes patient comfort and safety to a whole new level. It boasts an impressive array of 42 jet cooling sensors that meticulously scan and map the patient's unique topography. These sensors play a crucial role in guiding the laser's autonomous decision-making process, prioritizing patient safety throughout the treatment. Unlike many other body contouring methods, EON requires no cumbersome straps, messy gels, applicators, or post-treatment massages. Patients can revel in the convenience of a treatment that necessitates no post-session care.

One of EON's key advantages lies in its comprehensive sensor array, which monitors multiple variables:

  • Proximity: Tracking topography and distance.
  • Temperature: Monitoring patient, laser, and cooling temperatures.
  • Gyro: Sensing movement, force, and position.
  • Air Flow: Controlling impingement cooling for maximum comfort.

What areas can EON treat?

EON has received FDA clearance for fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs, backed by compelling clinical studies. Notably, EON not only proves to be more effective than other body contouring devices available but also eliminates the hassles commonly associated with manual body contouring sessions.

Patients can experience remarkable circumferential reduction, with potential losses of up to four-and-a-half inches after just a single session. What makes this treatment even more appealing is the absence of topical numbing agents, sedation, and downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities without interruption.

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