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The lips should be a focal point for a healthy, beautiful smile, yet as they age, they begin to distract the eye from the rest of the features. Thinning, depleted lips that have lost their fat volume can be a source of dissatisfaction for many patients, but there is an easy, non-invasive path towards improving your skin. We can create a customized treatment using injectables and dermal fillers that combats lip lines and plumps and revitalizes lip volume, resulting in a more youthful, attractive smile.

What is non-invasive lip augmentation?

There are two types of injections used to augment the lips. The first is a structural injection, which refines lip shape and adds definition to the lips’ edges. The second type of injection is a volume injection, which increases the lip size, adding fullness and firmness to the meat of the lips. The combination of these two approaches will lead to a lip appearance that is youthful, robust and refreshed.

One of the major ingredients in lip fillers is hyaluronic acid, a natural protein that allows the skin to retain moisture and is responsible for the skin’s suppleness, resilience, and youthful glow. With continuing advancements in cosmetic technology, we now offer a variety of fillers and injectables that can achieve personalized, elegant and organic looking results.

Lip Fillers Austin

“As a first-timer, I did a ton of research on the best place to go in Austin and so glad I saw the amazing 5-star Yelp reviews of Saving Face. Brooke is THE most beautiful human being: inside and out. You will feel like you've known her as a best friend your whole life.”

– Ali W.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Updated March 23rd, 2020

Saving Face Family,

It is with heavy hearts and in line with the recommendations of our State and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we are closing the both Injectable and Laser Lounges until April 6th.

Your health and well-being are our primary concern and we want to do our part to make sure that you are protected. Although Covid-19 is a serious issue, we strongly believe that it will pass and hopefully make our infrastructure and our ability to deal with pandemics in this Country even better than it currently is. We are monitoring this situation on a real-time basis and will not sit back until we know that we have done everything possible to avoid unnecessary exposure.

We have been working to contact all existing appointments during our shutdown so that we may reschedule everyone.

Effective immediately the following will occur:

  • All procedures and in-person consultations will be suspended until April 6th.
  • We are looking into instituting Virtual Consultations for all potential patients. Updates will be posted here once we are setup to provide these services.

This is the time that we need to all come together to support each other and our local businesses. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we will be offering special packages and discounted products to help get us through.

Our prayer is that each of you stay healthy and happy while navigating this unfamiliar time. Practice kindness and patience in your homes. Physical distance, but don’t socially isolate.

We will be available to you via text and email if you need us. We look forward to this all being behind us and we can serve your beautiful selves once again!

Peace, Love and Light,
Brooke and the Saving Face Team

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