"botox makes me happy":)

I have finally found some truth behind the statement, “botox makes me happy”.  For several years now, I have been claiming this to the point where I wanted to have it printed on a tee-shirt.
After being introduced to Dr. Steven Dayan at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference last week, I have found the evidence behind that statement in his New York Times bestseller, Subliminally Exposed.  This book is incredible with an in-depth look into the relationship of self-esteem, health, and aesthetics of the body.
He says the key is using the mind and the intervention synergistically.  If a person wanted to look more youthful and sought him out to get rid of her forehead wrinkles, he cannot just say visualize them gone and hope the placebo effect works.  That would be too simplistic.
Get this, after providing Botox  and filler treatment he is able to  prevent the brow from fully emoting anger.  Studies show that once a person views her face with fewer wrinkles and is less efficient at emoting anger, she likely will feel better, thereby setting off a cascade of physiological and biochemical events that results in a more youthful impression.

And there it is!  My truth behind Botox makes you Happy 🙂
Stay tuned for more insight from this fascinating bestseller.  He speaks my language when is comes to treating beyond the physical to affecting the very depths of the human soul.

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