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Unwanted fat can be extremely difficult to reduce, even with a healthy diet and targeted exercise. When you want to cross the finish line in terms of achieving your body fitness goals, a boost from an effective body contouring treatment device is exactly what you need.

To help patients achieve their body sculpting goals, we offer body contouring treatments with the highly advanced, robotic EON System. Of the many non-invasive body contouring devices and treatments that are available, the EON System is one of the most efficient, comfortable, and highly effective.

What is the EON laser body contouring device?

The EON laser is a new, innovative body contouring device that burns away unwanted fat and requires no incisions or invasive procedures. The EON robotic laser utilizes thermal laser energy combined with cooling technology to maintain a comfortable experience. The laser energy heats the fat tissues in order to melt away fat below the skin’s surface. The EON laser works with an automated, smart-sensor technology that maps your body’s topography to provide a customized fat-burning treatment.

Another innovative feature that the EON System provides is an automated articulating arm that uses customized, programmed patterns to address your abdomen specifically, smoothing and sculpting your figure. This ensures that the fat loss appears even and that the results are contoured and smooth.

EON Fat Burning Laser Austin

How does EON work?

During an EON treatment, the touchless smart sensor technology scans and maps the patient’s unique topography to ensure the treatment is completely customized for their individual needs.

The EON robotic laser is passed over the body, emitting specific heating to melt away the fat tissue, while the cooling technology ensures you’re comfortable. The heating causes the fat cells to break down, and the fat disappears over the following 12 weeks as the body naturally flushes the dead fat cells away. The entire abdomen can be treated in 40-60 minutes.

EON Fat Burning Laser Austin

Am I a candidate for EON fat-burning treatments?

EON treatments are ideal for men or women who would like to reduce areas of stubborn fat that they haven’t successfully been able to budge with diet and exercise. EON laser fat burning is designed to treat targeted areas, rather than reduce large amounts of fat on the body. The EON treatment can be considered a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Ideal candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health, with no serious medical concerns
  • Are not obese
  • EON treatments are ideal for patients who have a body mass index (BMI) below 30

To find out more about whether EON laser fat-burning treatments are ideal for you, please call to schedule a consultation to find out more.

Why choose Saving Face, Body and Mind for EON laser fat burning treatments?

You can expect the best of the best at Saving Face, Body and Mind, where advanced, modern treatments and cutting-edge technology are provided in a high-end, luxurious sanctuary where you can rejuvenate your body. Your figure will be contoured and sculpted, allowing you to finally achieve the flat, firm waistline you’ve worked so hard for.

At Saving Face, Body and Mind, our approach is thoughtful and comprehensive. We provide a welcoming environment for our patients, take the time to understand your concerns, cover all the options, and determine the best option to achieve your aesthetic goals. We design a custom treatment plan designed precisely for you to smooth and contour your physique.

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