Sleep — The PROVEN Fountain of Youth

Too often, in our hyper scheduled, very busy lives, sleep is not a priority. The saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” is known for a reason. There are things we want to do, that we need to do in life and we only have limited time. We get it.
So why do we care?
Sleep is a tonic to aging cells. It is during this time that the body renews and repairs itself.  New skin cells grow and replace the old ones. Just as importantly, lack of sleep correlates to weight gain and increases the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
What can we do?
It’s simple. SLEEP MORE at night and consider naps. The National Sleep Foundation suggests, “naps are a must-try modern-day solution to our perpetual sleep shortage and offer a great energy-rejuvenation break.” It is REM sleep that is most rejuvenating which usually kicks in at about 90 minutes but even a 20 minute nap will provide benefit.
How to do it?
1) Consider a sleep ritual. Perhaps write, meditate or visualize a beautiful, restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep. Imagine waking up energized and more youthful. The mind is a powerful tool.
2) Unplug. Try to avoid electronics and the blue light associated with them in your bedroom. It can alter your melatonin secretion.
3) Sleep on your back. “Back for Beauty.” Side sleeping (while so comfortable and cozy) can lead to sleep lines on the side of your face. At minimum, train yourself to pull your facial skin back too as you lay your head on the pillow so it’s not all squished forward.
4) Get yourself some delicious sheets and pillowcases. Consider those without dye if you have sensitive skin.
5) Consider your environment. Is it dark and comfortable? Perhaps remove the TV and other distractions and try some pink noise. (it’s considered more healing than white noise.)
This is a reminder and a call to action…or more specifically, inaction.  Prioritize naps, sleep and rest and expect your body to use the time to repair and renew your cells. Wake up more refreshed and rejuvenated every time more embodying your PRO-aging Superhero self!
Good night, Sleeping Beauty.

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