Introducing our Integrative Aging Blog Series

Here at Saving Face we know that it takes more than neurotoxin and fillers to prevent and manage aging. While our wheel house is injectables and we LOVE their ability to enhance your natural features-and take years off your face-it’s important that your treatments here are supported and maintained by your choices on a day to day basis.
To help guide and inspire you, we are offering an Anti-Aging blog series highlighting the important ways to combat the effects of aging.  OR more positivity stated, we’re serving up a PRO-aging (as in “Professional”) blog series to support healthy aging. We’ve all been aging since the moment we were born so we ought to claim our “Professional” status. Thoughts (and positive reframing) matter in the aging process too!
Aging is not completely understood and we could write a dissertation on the many complex theories. However, it likely entails a combination of protein oxidation (think of an apple browning and withering) and the shortening of DNA telomeres which is thought to be related to poor lifestyle choices. Regardless of the science behind aging, we can see its effects, and we have the power to PRO-age!
Stay tuned for some exciting blogs:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Pro-Aging Products
  • And More!

We are excited to share with you what we’ve learned to be ProAging Super Heros and are looking forward to hearing what works for you! We have the power to age with style and grace. Let’s do it.
We love you!

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