I'm Back!

Like or not, the expression “Work life balance”, is real in any parents world. I cannot express how valuable my 3 months off for maternity leave was. I was able to bond with my new baby and help my 3 year old transition to big sister.

Now it’s back to work and when you love what you do, it’s never really work. I was welcomed back to a decorated office by my badass tribe of women who support me, no matter what, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers delivered by Mr. Silver Fox himself, my husband. I mean, I should be giving them flowers and balloons for keeping this ship afloat for the past 3 months.

I have changed my office hours to 4 days a week with 2 of those, half days. It just makes sense when the baby goes down at 7. This is where the balance kicks in…

Being a boss is hard work and being a mom boss is even harder. I don’t believe I could do one as well without the other. Being with my children all the time would wear me out. There, I said it. If you are a present mom and sincerely engage with them when you’re home, it’s EXHAUSTING!!!! Pretty soon, I would be short fused, irritable, less patient and not my best self and my kids don’t deserve that. For me, It’s QUALITY over quantity. All day.
At work, my day is filled with many clients who share their deepest fears and greatest accomplishments with me on a quarterly basis. I get to walk with them through their hills and valleys. It is a privilege that I am trusted not only to make them look great but to navigate life together.
My sweet husband asks me everyday how my day was and what was the best part of my day. It is often, I cannot remember what happened that day, or am too tired to talk about it, but how blessed am I, he cares. We make alone time for each other with a date night every week. It is just us and it’s important. We also have “family date night” every Friday with all of us and it’s important.

Start each day with a silent mediation. (This could be 1 minute) Listen and take action on whatever you hear. If you make plans, follow through. Keep your word.

Build a team around you with like minded people to support you and help build your brand, or whatever you want to build. Praise them, Credit them. Find out what motivates them and empower them. You will find, with every selfless act of service, every compliment, and every smile….life repays you ten fold.

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