Happy Holidays from Saving Face Austin

As I reflect on 2020, this doozy of a year, I am filled with gratitude for this beautiful Saving Face family of ours and for all of you. We are so grateful for your patience during our 7 week shut down and for the continued and unwavering support through the year. I am so thankful that you prioritized our safety and respected all of our virus precautions and I am delighted to report no incidence of COVID for our staff. We are deeply relieved and thankful for your continued help keeping us all safe and allowing us to do the same for you.

As we move into 2021, and usher in a New Age of Aquarius with a planetary alignment that hasn’t happened since the 1200s, I invite you to stand in your power. I mean literally, stand there, own that shit. Stand up if you can, feet shoulder-width apart, hands-on hips in the traditional Wonder Woman stance. Feel your core strengthen and lengthen. Breathe in for a moment your all your gloriousness. If you have something to move through, a pattern to free yourself of or anything to let go (who doesn’t?) breathe out and start shaking your ass. Latent Kundalini energy is stored at the root chakra and a good healthy ass shaking (dance!) can release stuck energy and awaken your senses. I know I have a lot to release after this hell of a year. Congratulate yourself for making it through even if you didn’t start making sourdough or deep cleaned your house. YOU survived!

Big thanks again from all of us here. Be on the lookout for new exciting, heavily vetted developments that we are super excited to share with you in 2021. This includes an awesome new team member, OxyGeneo Super facial (must try!) , CO2 resurfacing, vaginal rejuvenation and brand new FDA-approved fillers and indications to help you look and feel youthful and natural. We are so blessed to share our love of aesthetics with you and will continue to make it our business to help you look good, feel good and empowered to do whatever is your “good.”

Here’s hoping your new year is blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

ALL the Love,

Victoria, Claire, Brooke, and all of us here at Saving Face Austin

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