“The impression you create is more important than physical beauty, and the secret to enhancing that impression boils down to one word: confidence.” Steven Dayan MD
In my business I constantly here woman say, in one way or another, they want more confidence. Whether they are getting married, going through a divorce, starting a new career, or retiring, feeling confident can make all the difference. Though I’m not performing major surgeries or implementing strict diets, a little Botox and Filler can make a subtle difference that can jump start major confidence.
Just as a pleasant smell can make an unattractive person seem more attractive, a bad smell can certainly make a beautiful one unappealing. The same goes for facial expressions. Someone with a heavy brow or a scowl with deep creases between their eyebrows can be perceived in a negative way, as well as turned down corners of the mouth and marionette lines can give off a sad or even depressed impression.
Botox is great not only for the vertical creases between the brows and lifting a heavy brow, it can also help turn up the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers can be used to support the corners of the mouth and to fill in the marionette lines allowing the mouth to look more neutral at rest, giving a more overall youthful appearance.
Once you start to love your look, and you will (refer to Botox makes me Happy blog), put on a great outfit, a big smile and watch how you will impress people with your new positive, successful, and friendly impression.
Confidence is a feeling and a key ingredient in appearing more attractive.

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