This innovative treatment is designed to camouflage imperfections and smooth the skin. Using natural botanicals and your body’s innate healing properties, we can restore your pigment and help diminish stretch marks by 60% on average.

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What is an inkless body tattoo?

The inkless body tattoo procedure is a natural treatment that can be used to camouflage stretch marks of any color, including red, purple, or white. Also known as ISR (inkless stretch mark revision), inkless body tattooing reduces scars and stretch marks by using a tattoo machine without the ink. Instead, we use natural botanicals, a mix of serums, organic oils, and vitamins to improve cellular turnover and achieve reconstruction and rejuvenation of collagen, elastin, and fibroblast cells.

How does inkless stretch mark revision work?

Inkless stretch mark treatments work similarly to microneedling, which uses a device to make very small punctures in the skin. The microneedling process causes micro trauma to the treated area, triggering a healing result.

Inkless stretch mark treatments are far more effective than microneedling treatments because they target the part of the skin where stretch marks form very precisely, and at the same time, specially-designed serums and formulas are introduced into the skin for an even greater effect.

The skin produces a burst of collagen and elastin to regenerate and rebuild the skin over time, reducing the signs of stretch marks and scars.

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Recovery and results after inkless tattoos

After your treatment is complete, you will notice the stretch marks are red and raised. This will last for a period of time between 4-14 days. Your skin will heal over a period of months as the scars fade and the collagen rebuilds stronger, smoother skin.

Once the healing period is complete, patients will experience a 20%-100% reduction in stretch marks after their first inkless tattoo session.

Who is a candidate for inkless body tattoos for scars and stretch marks?

Inkless tattooing is an ideal treatment for patients with any skin type or color. Ideal candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally in good health
  • Would like to improve scars or stretch marks on any area of their body except their face
  • Do not have severe eczema
  • Have no rashes, outbreaks, or infections in the treatment area
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Benefits of inkless body tattoos

  • Far more effective than microneedling
  • Safe, simple procedure
  • No downtime
  • Short recovery period
  • Natural skin rejuvenation
  • Reduced signs of scars and stretch marks
  • Can be used anywhere on the body other than the face
  • Achieves firmer, smoother skin
  • Non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment
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Why choose Saving Face, Body and Mind?

At Saving Face, Body and Mind, we provide a high-end sanctuary where you can rejuvenate your skin and renew your appearance in an environment that is comfortable and fully equipped with the most modern, state-of-the-art technology.

We take a holistic approach to treat the whole patient and get to the root of their concerns. Our staff are warm, welcoming, and friendly. They take the time to truly know and understand each patient’s needs and goals and design a custom treatment plan to achieve their aesthetic ideals. Call today to find out more about inkless tattoos to reduce scars and stretch marks.

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