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Childbirth, menopause, and aging leave their traces and marks on various aspects of our physiology, including our sexual health and vaginal comfort. Over time, natural vaginal changes caused by the aforementioned factors may lead to self-consciousness about the appearance of your genitalia, discomfort during sexual intercourse with a partner, loss of sensation, and other problems.

Saving Face in Austin aims to help you restore and maintain youthfulness in every part of your body, and that includes your vagina. We use an incredibly effective, cutting-edge, and non-surgical laser device called FemTouch to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues and restore youthful tightness and sensation. Please schedule a consultation with us to learn how vaginal rejuvenation with FemTouch can help you.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to non-surgical treatments that reverse the adverse effects of aging, childbirth, hormonal changes, and menopause on your vaginal tissues. You might be experiencing numerous health or aesthetic concerns related to your genitalia, such as vaginal laxity after childbirth, stress-related urinary incontinence after menopause, vaginal atrophy or dryness, and many more. Vaginal rejuvenation leverages laser techniques to reverse these problems and improve vaginal health.

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How does vaginal rejuvenation with FemTouch work?

FemTouch is a cutting-edge, non-surgical, and innovative CO2 laser technology that delivers high precision laser beams into the vaginal tissues to activate your body’s natural regenerative properties. The FemTouch device easily fits within the vagina to deliver precise microbeams of laser energy into the vaginal wall, encouraging your body to activate tissue regeneration and collagen production. Consequently, the newly-formed vaginal tissues are healthier and tighter.

Sexual Health

What happens during the vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

FEMTOUCH Vaginal Rejuvenation by Lumenis is a simple, 5-minute, non-hormonal, outpatient laser procedure.

This gentle and effective treatment has the ability to restore the health of vaginal tissue by improving lubrication, increasing elasticity, and decreasing urinary incontinence—all of which help to enhance sexual pleasure.

The treatment starts with your personalized consultation with one of our exceptional providers. We will review medical history, answer questions and concerns, discuss goals and outcomes, and determine if the treatment is the best choice for you.

FEMTOUCH Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures are safe, painless, and require no downtime. Upon insertion, the fractional CO2 laser beams create micro perforations to promote remodeling of the mucous epithelium (lining), stimulating the regeneration of new healthy tissue by triggering collagen production.

Two to four treatments are generally recommended for optimal results.


Joylux is an at-home sonic red light therapy device, designed to help you achieve even better and faster results, is available now in our boutique and at Saving Face - Body & Mind.

How soon do I recover after the vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation with FemTouch doesn’t lead to any side effects or complications. Some women experience a mildly warm sensation in the vaginal walls after the treatment, but that only lasts a few hours, and it doesn’t cause any discomfort. You can resume all your normal activities and work as soon as you leave our clinic—there’s no downtime.

However, your cosmetic provider will also give you some guidelines to ensure optimal post-treatment experience and results.

  • You might be prescribed a vaginal hydrating gel to soothe the vaginal walls
  • Keep the area moist using a prescribed ointment
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least 72 hours after the treatment
  • Don’t apply hot water to the treated region until you’ve healed completely

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