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The RHA Collection is the first and only FDA-Approved hyaluronic acid filler for treating dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. This unique set of dermal fillers restore a smooth and more youthful appearance by filling in the wrinkles, creases and nasolabial folds that plague us all as we age. The true beauty in this new collection of fillers is that they don’t restrict facial motion—and they look good whether you’re smiling, laughing, frowning, chatting, or otherwise expressing yourself. You won’t look frozen or treated, or like you’ve had work done. Beautiful at rest and flawless in motion, they say. Agreed!

The 101 on RHA Fillers

Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers are made of a unique form of hyaluronic acid, or HA. HA is a biocompatible, naturally occurring component that enhances facial volume and fills out wrinkles to leave your skin looking younger and feeling smoother. Your body produces hyaluronic acid naturally, but its supplies and production capability diminish and deplete over time. Thus the wrinkles, folds, lines and creases. Traditional dermal fillers don’t treat dynamic lines well, but that’s where RHA succeeds.

What is treatment like with RHA Fillers?

Like most other dermal fillers, RHA treatment is fast and simple, but it does require a keen and experienced eye for the most natural results. In a quick consultation, we’ll listen to your concerns and goals for the treatment, and lay out a simple plan to meet your needs. Areas to be treated are then cleaned with an antiseptic solution and the exact points of placement are marked. A topical anesthetic can be applied for additional comfort and pain relief. The appropriate RHA filler is then carefully placed in the right spots of the face and at the right depth.

The right choice of RHA filler and expert placement will have you looking more youthful and free of wrinkles and fine lines. Treatment with RHA is available to patients who are at least 22-years-old.

RHA Fillers

What can I expect in recovery?

Patients usually experience only mild swelling and redness at the injection sites, which dissipate within a few hours. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occuring substance and has no long-term complications of side effects.

What results can I expect?

You should see considerable improvement in the wrinkles, fine lines and folds of your face. Some swelling might obscure these results, but they are otherwise immediate. Your results should last for up to 15 months.

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