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Our functional health coach will empower you to truly optimize your life, overcoming the issues that are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.

Discover Your True Potential [at Saving Face]

Functional medicine approaches your day-to-day sense of overall wellness with a uniquely data-driven, scientific approach. By analyzing hard data—like bloodwork, your dietary intake, and other environmental factors that may be having a positive or negative effect on your sense of wellness—our Functional Health Coach can make targeted recommendations that are tailored directly to you and your needs, giving you the ability to feel your absolute best and truly make the most out of life.

Read on below to learn more about the Functional Health Packages we offer, and reach out to the Saving Face team when you’re ready to get started with your initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you usher in a new era of comprehensive well-being.

Functional Health Coach

Our Functional Health Coach Packages

Discover | $250

You’ll receive a 50-minute “Consult & Coaching” session, during which time our Functional Health Coach will get to know your lifestyle, learn about any symptoms you’re experiencing, and recommend a pathway to comprehensive wellness.

Transform | $750 ($250 Savings)

The Transform Package starts you off with a 50-min “Consult & Coaching” session, which gives us the ability to begin learning about your lifestyle and the various ways we might be able to optimize it.

You’ll also enjoy a 90-minute follow-up coaching call, where we’ll give you a detailed bloodwork analysis that will provide further insight into your overall health and wellness.

Embody | $3,000 ($1,575 savings)

In addition to your initial 50-minute “Consult & Coaching” session, and a 75-minute follow-up coaching session, our Functional Health Coach will work closely with you over the following 12 weeks to ensure that you’re absolutely living your life to the fullest.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll receive between six and 12 follow-up coaching sessions, giving our coach the ability to guide you to a tailored state of optimized wellness.

You’ll also enjoy two (2) 125-minute sessions to focus on a wellness area of your choice, and two (2) 90-minute sessions that’ll give you the ability to enjoy an in-depth lab analysis of your bloodwork and all the targeted recommendations that come with it.

“A La Carte” Health Coach Options

Coaching Session Packages

  • Enjoy six (6) 50-minute sessions for $1,200. (Follow-Up over 12 weeks)
  • Receive twelve (12) 25-minute sessions for $1,200. (Follow-Up over 12 weeks)

Individual Coaching Sessions

  • 3-month Follow-Up Session | $250
  • 25-minute Weekly Session | $150
  • 50-minute Bi-Weekly Session | $300
  • 125-min “Pantry Clean Out” Session | $625
  • 125-min Grocery Store Run | $625

Bloodwork and Lab Analysis

  • Introductory 90-minute Session | $750
  • Two In-Depth 90-min Sessions | $1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you make your recommendations?

A Functional Health Coach takes a uniquely fact-based approach to your overall wellness, and analysis is the name of the game when it comes to making recommendations that will truly unlock your fullest health potential. We’ll analyze information like your hormone levels, your bloodwork, your diet, and more, so we can understand exactly why you’re feeling the way you feel, and guide you to a sense of total wellness that sees you maximizing your overall quality of life.

Can a Functional Health Coach help me lose weight?

The short answer is yes…but a better answer is that your functional health coach can help you lose weight, and more! A functional health coach is here to help you reach any and all wellness goals that you might have. Whether this means finding a way to sleep better, losing weight ahead of beach season, or figuring out why you seem to feel congested all the time, your functional health coach will work closely with you to get to the root causes of your wellness frustrations and chart a course to comprehensive well-being.

Will my Functional Health Coach be a doctor?

While most Functional Health Coaches are not doctors with medical degrees, they do go through a specific training course and must receive the proper certification before they can operate as Functional Health Coaches. Functional Health Coaches can come from a wide range of different backgrounds and sources of expertise, but the bottom line is that they should come with the training, certification, and expertise needed to guide you to a place of total wellness.

Is a Functional Health Coach the same as a dietitian or a nutritionist?

Not exactly. Nutritionists and dieticians come from very specific training backgrounds, and their expertise tends to focus squarely on issues related to dietary intake and nutrition. Your Functional Health Coach, on the other hand, will consider these factors and more, approaching your overall sense of wellness from a much more comprehensive and holistic perspective.

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