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Austin patients are health-minded and always eager to learn more about ways they can optimize their bodies. That’s why at Saving Face we’re so excited to offer vitamin drips in Austin! They play a primary role in providing energy to the brain while also fortifying the nervous system and the circulatory system. Call us today to find out how the B12 Boost can enhance your healthy lifestyle!

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What is the B12 Boost?

B12 is found in eggs, meat and dairy. Deficiencies in B12 can lead to a host of problems, such as light-headedness, exhaustion, memory issues, and constipation. While everyone needs B12, some populations are at greater risk for deficiency. These include the following:

  • Older adults - As the body ages, it gets harder to extract nutrients from our food. Digestion just isn’t what it used to be. B12 can help mitigate this trend.
  • Vegetarians and vegans - These individuals are not able to get B12 from their food, so an injection is an ideal way to make sure the proper nutrients get absorbed.
  • Those suffering from chronic disease - Persons with Crohn’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, diabetes, osteoporosis or muscular degeneration all tend to find improvement in their symptoms once they introduce B12 shots.

Am I a good candidate for the B12 Boost?

Those patients who live a high-stress lifestyle, including ingesting large amounts of caffeine or alcohol may find that B12 shots provide relief. Our B12 boost in Austin is also great for anyone who is a vegetarian or vegan.

Patients over 50 can benefit from B12’s positive effect on the aging brain and the stomach. There are many other groups of people who can derive benefits from B12 injections. To find out more, schedule your Austin consultation today!

What are the benefits of B12 injections?

Here are the top five most common benefits of our B12 boost in Austin:

Jumpstarts the immune system

Increasing B12 levels helps boost the immune system and fortify the body’s many functions. The body can better fight off infection when it has an ample supply of red blood cells.

Increased energy, focus and positive feelings

B12 is an excellent supply of energy for the brain and it can help improve cognitive function. This means reduced cerebral fatigue and improved attitude.

Improved sleep

Anyone suffering from insomnia can tell you it is not fun. Vitamin B12 shots can improve the Circadian rhythm, allowing you to feel sleepy when it's actually time for bed.

Weight loss

B12 injections will not instantly burn away unwanted pounds, but they are a great way to boost your exercise routine and accelerate weight loss. Your body will have an easier time metabolizing fat and thus in the long run you will begin to slim down.

Helps to fight off heart disease

One of the warning signs of heart disease risk is a B12 deficiency. With B12 injections, homocysteine levels are kept low and the risk of heart disease is diminished.

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How much does the B12 Boost cost?

B12 injections can range from $40-75 per treatment. We will give you a customized quote during your private consultation at our Austin offices.

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Why choose Saving Face in Austin for my B12 vitamin shot?

We believe that wellness and well-being include not only your appearance, but also your energy levels and the quality of your life experience. That’s why we’re so pleased to offer our patients a way to enhance your insides with arguably the best vitamin drip Austin has to offer, in addition to all our wonderful cosmetic treatments for your outside!

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What should I expect following my B12 Boost?

B12 shots are not painful. You will be able to return to your regular activities right after your appointment. Re-treat the following week and then treat yourself every month for optimal results. Immediately you will start to feel the benefits of your B12 injections.

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