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Volbella will slightly volumize the lips, and can also help minimize the appearance of tiny lines in and around the lips . Volbella is the perfect choice for someone who is on the fence about lip filler. It can hydrate and smooth while not adding much volume.

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What is all the hype about Volbella, and is it true?

Volbella is made with hyaluronic acid, a biocompatible compound that helps the skin retain its moisture, resilience and youthfulness. The hyaluronic acid particles inside Volbella are tiny enough that they can create subtle, nuanced improvements in what is considered a highly delicate area of the face.

Volbella is made with the proprietary Vycross technology, which gives the product its longevity and malleability.

What is the Saving Face approach to lip augmentation?

We always choose conservative methods and ensure that your lips look natural and not overfilled. What’s the good of having a procedure, only to draw attention to the part of your body you already felt self-conscious about? No, what’s best is when people say things like, “You look great! Did you change your hair?” not guessing that you’ve had cosmetic treatments. Our aim is invisibility of the work, with a reduction in facial flaws that improves your entire aesthetic organically. With every treatment, we always apply our mantra: “You can’t see good work.”

What are the advantages of using Juvederm Volbella?

  • Subtle enhancement
  • No scarring
  • A more youthful smile
  • Smooths away fine lines surrounding the mouth
  • Fights off the effects of aging
  • Improves satisfaction with one’s image
  • Natural-looking results

Brooke knows her stuff. She came very well recommended by a highly discriminating friend, I'm so glad I saw her. Brooke prices everything out so there are no surprises, and she doesn't push any products. She does careful work and she is just a delight. Beautiful inside and out.

Lana P.

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Who makes the best candidate for Volbella treatment?

Good candidates for Austin Juvederm Volbella treatments are of sound mind and body with realistic expectations for their outcome. They may want to enhance thinning lips that have lost their volume, or they would like to smooth out lip lines that are causing an aged look in the smile. Volbella can also be used to treat tear troughs.

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What can I expect after my session?

Even though its results are so dramatic and stunning, Volbella has virtually no downtime required. Some mild side effects such as tenderness, swelling and redness may be present at the injection site, but they should subside shortly.

There is always a risk of a bruise when using a needle in the skin. Be sure to limit your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun by wearing a lip block, and also avoid vigorous exercise for the first 24 hours.

How Long Does Volbella Last?

Your Volbella results should last about 12 months, which is significantly longer than other dermal filler products currently available.

Some of our patients do like a touch-up at the 9 month mark.

What are the fees for Volbella?

The cost of our Juvederm Volbella in Austin will depend on how many syringes are used to enhance your lips. Treatments start at $700 for one syringe. We will be able to give you a customized quote for services at the time of your private consultation in Austin.

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Why choose Saving Face in Austin for my Volbella procedure?

At Saving Face, we are passionate about finding cutting edge products that enhance your natural beauty without changing your idiosyncratic essence, that special something that makes you, YOU.

We put the focus on the patient, always looking for new ways to make your life better through cosmetic intervention free from incisions, downtime, anesthesia, and the higher risks associated with surgery.

Our practitioners include among the top injectors in the country. We match skill, experience and knowledge with compassion, friendliness and integrity.

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