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What is the Radically Radiant Resurfacing package?

The Radically Radiant Resurfacing package is a great way to pamper yourself or celebrate a girls’ weekend out. It includes treatment with cutting-edge Erbium YAG laser, the top of its class, as well as a chemical peel tailored to your skin type and dermaplaning. We will customize the package to make sure it is appropriate for your needs and aesthetic goals.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most potent and powerful ways to accomplish facial rejuvenation. Over the months and years that pass, our skin begins to build up a damaged upper layer due to environmental toxins, stress, dirt, makeup and miscellaneous debris.

Laser skin resurfacing gently removes the outermost layer of skin, revealing a tighter, smoother and firmer layer beneath. Wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can all be corrected with laser skin resurfacing. There are dozens of benefits from this wonderful treatment and we are excited for you to try it as part of our Radically Radiant Resurfacing package!

What is a chemical peel?

The second component of our Radically Radiant Resurfacing package is a chemical peel. Chemical peels are formulated as mild, medium or intense, and they are the perfect way to peel away damaged skin cells, excavating a more radiant complexion that exudes youthfulness.

Radically Radiant Resurfacing Package

Professional chemical peels use ingredients such as lactic acid and natural enzymes from papaya and pineapple, to name a few. Chemical peels can be instrumental in reducing age spots, improving skin texture and eradicating acne scarring.

While you can try a chemical peel at home, it is more ideal to undergo it in the safety of a medical spa, where your skin can be monitored and protected from products that may be too harsh or too ineffective to accomplish your goals.

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