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Victoria Hunter is great. I wouldn't use anyone else. She has genuine empathy and concern for her patients as well as their budget. She helps me get the most bang for my buck. She's very experienced – and she cares. It's a fun place with a great vibe.

Rick G.

Today’s man is ambitious, image-conscious, introspective and emancipated from stereotypes. He seeks innovative cosmetic treatments that enhance his good looks while the work itself remains undetectable, subtle and nuanced. He is bold and articulate, and knows that non-surgical treatments can help him to put his best foot forward in the world – professionally, socially and personally.

Cosmetic Treatments for Men, Saving Face

What are our most popular treatments for men?

At Saving Face, we love helping men to shine and look their best. Our tailored, customized treatments for men work to reduce environmental damage, reverse the signs of aging, and correct inherent genetic flaws in the complexion, boosting self-esteem in the process. Below are among our most popular procedures for the male physique:

Kybella – Kybella is an injection targeting unwanted fat under the chin and jowls. Sometimes at our fittest, this area is genetically displeasing and cannot be worked out in a gym. The results are long lasting and can give you the jaw line you’ve always wanted.

Laser treatments – Laser treatments are invaluable in the quest for clear, radiant skin. Laser therapy can help treat poor skin tone, acne scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, and many other blemishes and impurities.

Dermal fillers – Dermal fillers can help fill in depressions in the skin, correct facial scarring, augment facial areas that lack definition (chin and jaw line), reduce a double chin, or minimize stubborn wrinkles, lines, creases and folds.

Laser hair removal – Men who struggle with unwanted hair on their backs, chest, arms, legs or faces can benefit from laser hair removal, a gentle, non-surgical method of producing smoother skin that is pleasant to the touch.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty – Most men want a strong, masculine-looking nose that complements their other features yet does not draw undue attention to itself. A non-surgical rhinoplasty can help balance the nose so that it appears harmonious with the chin, cheekbones, eyes and mouth. And all without the weeks of downtime associated with a surgical rhinoplasty!

Tattoo removal – Men who celebrated their youth with tattoos may now want to undo their decision in later years as they grow more conservative or face pressure at the workplace to look more professional. In just a few sessions, laser tattoo removal can help restore your original skin, removing unwanted layers of ink.

Non-surgical facelift – Men who are beginning to witness the signs of aging around the eyes, mouth and nose may not be ready for a full surgical facelift, yet they would like to see improvement and feel better about themselves. A non-surgical facelift can work wonders, restoring a youthful aesthetic without lengthy downtimes, incisions and anesthesia.

What are the typical costs for undergoing cosmetic treatments with injectables?

The raw truth is that undergoing non-surgical cosmetic procedures is more cost-effective in the long run than purchasing countless over the counter products that are supposed to improve the complexion or the appearance, but ultimately produce short-lived outcomes.

A highly customized laser treatment or dermal fill session can target your unique trouble zones, achieving significant, longer-lasting improvement in just a few appointments. We will create a game plan for your goals once you book your initial visit and present you with a full quote before you move forward with our services.

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