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If you are a patient in the Austin area who finds laser treatments to be anxiety-producing, we at Saving Face take your feelings seriously and we want to ease your discomfort as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the incredible results that come with many of our most popular non-surgical procedures. The Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System is designed to provide immediate relief from pain and anxiety during your session. It is controlled by you, the patient, so you decide exactly how much relief you need at any given moment.

What is Pro-Nox?

Pro-Nox is a patient-controlled system for inhaling analgesia during a cosmetic procedure. The mixture is made up of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide, and it only takes a few seconds to kick in. Once the procedure is over, no trace of nitrous oxide is left behind in your body, so there is no risk or danger in operating a vehicle or other machinery.

The nitrous oxide that is used at a dentist’s office is about 70%, so it is an actual anesthesia and cannot be administered by the patient. But with Pro-Nox, you the client determine how much pain relief is necessary.

You use a disposable mouth unit to breath in the analgesia. Pro-Nox is great for those undergoing Ultherapy, laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal, IPL, or laser hair removal.

Pro-Nox Austin

I luckily stumbled onto Saving Face's website doing a search online on injectables. I had already consulted with a local plastic surgeon, but after meeting with Brooke, there was no question in my mind that Saving Face was the place I needed to go! Brooke is very professional, yet sweet and easy to talk to. She recommended a treatment plan and I have never looked back!

Danielle D.

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